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Objectives: # Networking the Zomi # Friendship # Exhange Ideas # To inform and Learn in every areas possible # Pass Time Meaningfully # Promote Culture # Promote Literature # Promote Music #


The Beginning….

Around 2005 when there were not too many Zomi websites the number of Zomi accessing the Net increased rapidly due to, besides others, two main reasons - those from Myanmar go abroad in large scale and those from India have easy internet access in the various offices they are working. The need to connect and network the online Zomi across the world was felt as it can help to bring them closer, they can exchange ideas, pass time meaningfully and be in touch.  Immediate need was felt when the existing site zogam.com was facing problems and some people volunteered and took the initiative to start ZogamOnline in September 2005.

Mr. Ginpu Guite, Aizawl took the initiative and started the site with Mr. Muang Nowluck, Pune,  Ms Tabitha Naulak, Pune and Mr. G.Khamkhokam, Aizawl . At the start Mr. G. Khamkhokam, Aizawl funded the domain and space and Ms Tabitha Naulak, Pune took charge of necessary transactions with the hosts at Pune while Mr. Muang Nowluck, Pune and Mr. Ginpu Guite, Aizawl setup and administer the site. The eventual outcome of their efforts, continous and untiring contributions as you can see today, is ZogamOnline, the Zomi Social Network. Although not a Social Networking site in the true sense (like today’s Facebook, Twitter etc), it has served as a Zomi Social Network then and is still serving today.  

As We Go On….
# Right from beginning many friends and users were with us and within a short span of time, awareness about the site grew exponentially. As the number of users and visitors increased, the contents and features in the site also increased and the number of spam attacks also increased tremendously to the extent that it has become a Herculean task on the part of the founding members to manage and run the site effectively 24X7. Then, the help of dedicated users - Mr. Hlun Guite, now in Bangalore, Mr. Stephen Tunglut (RIP), New Delhi, Mr. Khaikhanmung, New Delhi and Mr. J.Thang Lian Pau, now in Delhi were sought. A number of dedicated users also help us in moderating the forums.

# The changes in technology and the internet world have its impact in ZogamOnline too. The CMS of the site was changed from Phpnuke 7.5 to 7.9, then to Phpnuke 8 and finally to the latest Joomla and phpbb now. While the upgrade to phpnuke higher versions were for better security reasons the change to Joomla was more for better layout of the site. With these changes we hope the site will now look better, be more secure, user friendlier, more interactive and have better facilities. Mr. Muanthang Thomte (nemsum) capably took charge and handled the migration from Phpnuke to Joomla with Kawlva and Keuhthang backing him.

# At the beginning the site was hosted at Ehospros and was switched over to 3ix in the year 2009 with the hope for more stability. The switchover and moving of the site was handled by Phualva and his friend ZocopKeuhthang, Kawlva, Rangkachak, Hlun Guite and Khen Solomon (Norway) also helped in some ways.

# Today the site features newsarticlesphotographs, mp3videosforums etc on various interest and topics to meet the taste the Zomis scattered across the globe. That’s the ZogamOnline way of social networking the Zomis now.  In the days to come the site is expected to concentrate more and promote Zomi culture, literature and music.

So we now have a new and better ZogamOnline! We are on the move and things keep changing for the better, although the pace may sometimes be slow. This will continue with ZOL in the coming days too, of course with support and contributions from wel wishers and user like you.


As Zogamonline is not an individual effort, many people took part to run the site in different ways since the beginning when we ventured to start with limited experience and resources. Some of the important contributions of different people are acknowledge below:

1. Pu John Thomte (rangkachak), Scotland, funded the site for the one year Sept 2007 to Sept 2008 and half of 2008-2009.

2. Pu P.P.Guite, New Delhi contributed for the hosting and domain for two years (Sept. 2009 to Sept. 2010 and Sept 2010 to Sept 2011).

3. Pu Tawia (of "http://kolasib.com") helped us out when we run into troubles with phpNuke in the initial stages.

4. Mr. Joshua, Delhi (RIP) helped us upload some mp3s.

5. Our dedicated users - 'Get-Connected', 'Zolawkta', ‘Siam Naulak’ also designed cool logos as we go on. The one we are using now is the handiwork of Nemsum.

6. Pu James Guite (Jingsol) sponsored all the expenses involved in renovating and improving the look of the site in 2011. As desired by the them the name of the designers who efficiently done the job are not mentioned in public. ZOL thank all those who are involved in the project.


1. We thank all the dedicated users and their contributions to the site’s projects like T-Shirt, X-mas gift etc.

2. We are also grateful to all the users (excluding the spammers J), guests, contributors of articles, pictures, videos, ideas etc for patronizing ZogamOnline. We reiterate that without their support and insights the site would not have run as successfully as it has today!

3. Last, but not at all the least, thank you dear visitors and well wishers! The future of ZogamOnline rests on all of us. Let us continue to contribute in whatever way we can so that the popularity of the site continues to grow with better contents, greater looks and limitless facilities!

At ZogamOnline, we believe in change for the better. Suggestions and contributions for the betterment of the site are always welcome.

Suggestions/contributions may kindly be mailed to us at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The ZOL Team (Staff)

1. G.Khamkhokam (zokhual)

2. Ginpu Guite (phualva)

3. Tabitha Naulak (witty)

4. J. Thang Lian Pau (zolawkta)

5. Hlun Guite

6. Khaikhanmung Ngaihte (keuhthang)

7. Stephen Tunglut (kawlva)

8. Muanthang Thawmte (Nemsum)

9. John Thawmte (rangkachak)

10. Kamzalian Tomging (keikahi)

11. Richard Ngaihte (richardngaihte)

12. Felix Muansang (Valte Sam)


Our Media Partners:

  1. Lamka Post (news and pics)
  2. Thangpu Samte | Lamka Photographic Service (News Pics)
  3. Angel's Vision (news, music videos)

From the above one can see that ZOL is not an individual effort and running on teamwork with contributions of different people and it will continue to be soIf you feel you can contribute something for the betterment of ZOL please don't hesitate to let us know.