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Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus

Monday, 10 October 2016 12:20

~By: Vungzamuan Valte


I felt extremely fortunate to have been selsected to undergo an Executive Education, Phase V (final phase) of the Career Training Programme for IRS (Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax) which was Custom Designed by the Indian School of Business.


The Management Training Course was attended by 25 selected Officers from the 1989, 1990 and 1991 Batches of the Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise), Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India from 26th September to 07th October, 2016 at the Mohali Campus of the ISB. The Mohali campus of ISB is known for its Bharti Institute of Policy Research, Institute of Postgraduate course on Medicare and several courses such as PGP, PGPMAX, MFAB, FPM, Several Certificate Courses etc. The Campus is a self contained Institution with world class facilities all under the same roof; everything here works in a clock wise precision and there is no scope to loosen your guards down.


The first day was fully utilised and engaged by Prof Dr. Amir Ulla Khan on the topics such as India and its Transitions, Inequality of Income and Access, and Redefining the Role of the State. The developmental goals on health, education, sectoral and regional inequalities, rural and urban markets, inequality of income and access, challenges and policy dimentions/initiatives, role of the state in redistribution, entitlements and subsidies, and revenue mobilisation etc. were the subjects of discourse. The Global Positioning of the Indian Economy and its future prospects have been succinctly expressed and demonstrated by the expert faculty.


The second day was piloted by Prof Mahesh Ramachandran on the topic: Overview of Social Media, Responses on Social and Traditional Media, group workshop, communicating in the Era of Social Media and the Platforms available on the Social Media and its impact.


On the third day Prof Harish Bajoor took the lead role in demonstrating the importance of marketing in public service delivery, the importance of understanding the customer, best practice-mindset in public service delivery, conflict resolution etc. What surprises us was that Shri Nitin Saluja, a representative from Facebook (Public Policy Manager, India and South Asia) also chipped-in to demonstrate the benefits of Social Media in reaching out to the millions of Stakeholders in real time.


On the fourth day Prof Ramnarayan led us on the topic: Acting as catalyst for change and reflecting on one’s personality, shaping the rational mind and the emotional mind to pave the way for change, application of change ideas and framework to GST implementation. On the fifth day he led us on the topic of leadership and emotional intelligence, theory on mindset change and Prof Porus Munshi on innovation in promoting good governance. Indeed, it was a deep insight into the psyche of the human mind and the big five personality theory.


In fact, an exercise (psycho analysis) in NEO-PI-3 format designed by PsyPro Corporation and PAR Staff was one of the most interesting and engaging part of the training. This exercise measures the emotions of individuals on different scales (anger, Mood, Social concerns, Self indulgence, Stress, positive/negative emotions, curiosity, tolerance, sympathy, sense of responsibility, self discipline, work ethics etc.). Of course, some of the participants vociferously disagreed with the results achieved by them, which was the most entertaining part of the entire course…..


Saturday and Sunday off (as you like it)….


The eight day was driven by Prof Rajeshwar Upadhyaya on the issues of Personal and organisational leadership, personal goal orientation and effectiveness, fundamental interpersonal relations oriented-behaviour and emotional intelligence. A powerful workshop by way of questions and answers by applying FIRO-B on SELF AWARENESS PROFILE was undertaken which led to lots of agreements and disagreements (on the results) by the participants. The same Professor continued on the ninth day with the topics of coaching and developing people and performance management. The main objective of the discourse was integrated perspective on self and collaborating with others, developing empathy towards others, social skills and the importance of dialogue etc.


On the tenth day Prof Mubeen Rafat took us to the nitty-gritty of Financial Management, accounting practices and the trends in corporate financial reporting practices and evaluating the performance of business. Case studies on the reasons for the failures of M/S King Fisher, M/S Satyam Computers were undertaken. As an exercise on the accounting practices of corporate bodies and to understand the health of corporate entities, an exercise on the management practices M/S HUL Limited was dissected and bisected, left, right and centre…it was an interesting journey indeed.


Prof Neil Jacobsohn took us on a long journey on the topics of Strategy for Future Leaders in the context of the changing world, impact of culture in business, shaping the future of IRS and the ideal IRS of the future on the eleventh and twelfth days of the training programme. The last two days of the training was futuristic and indeed interesting. The lively workshops, animated discussions and hair raising exercises were indeed insightful and visionary. All in all, it was a wonderful exposure, a thought provoking experience and a learning experience from the future. Unless we foresee the future, it is increasingly clear that new technologies, new practices; innovative platforms (internet/media) will soon leave us far behind, whether it is in corporate governance or governmental functions. Certainly, it is a question of survival in the face of fast changing and leap-frog innovative developments, let us leap-frog to stay ahead.


I felt good. I feel satisfied. And I feel enlightened.
Thanks to world class faculty members.
Thanks to GOI and ISB (Mohali Campus).


Thanks to Mamtha Reddy, Dr. Ravi Kiran and Gagandeep Kaur for making the programme a grand success and our stay extremely comfortable.


Above all, we had a gala time.


It was a golden opportunity to meet old friends and to re-connect; but the time to depart has come. All is well that ends well.
Friends, Bon Voyage….