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Bangladesh a buaina in masawn zel

Written by  Published inInternational Wednesday, 06 November 2013 13:28
Bangladesh a buaina in masawn zel

DHAKA, Nov 5: Bangladesh a opposition pawl makaih a Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in kum nawn general election neihma a, a dinmun a nutsiat a, kitelna enkaitu ding political party panglou a 'care-taker' government bawlkhiak ding phutna a kal paisa a dakkal 36 sung gamsung pumpi a general strike a puan uh thagum suahna thupitak suak a, mihing 20 val hinna mansuah ahihnung inleng buaina venglou in gamsung mun tuamtuam ah sutzop in omlai hi. Tua bangkal ah opposition pawl in a thil phut uh ngetna in zan Seppatni a kipan in gamsung pumpi uap in dakkal 60 sung kiphinna pannawn uhi.


Bangladesh mal tumlam a om Rajshahi district sung ah opposition gumpawlte leh police-te kal a buaina thiltung ah mi 25 in liamna tuak uh hi'n Somoy Vangla-melmuh thusuak in taklang hi. Tua banah ruling Awami League activists leh opposition supporter- te kal a kitheihsiam louhna ziak in Munshiganj district sung a mi tamtak liam uh hi'n thusuak om hi.


Hiai kiphinna ziak in Dhaka khopi a security hihkhauh in om a, paramilitary force leh police-te kongzingte ah dingdim uhi.


Hiai kiphinna ahihleh opposition pawl in a thilngette uh pichinsak ding phutna leh Dhaka Court in 2009 a buaina ziak a mihing 74, security personel 57 sihna toh kisai a thubuai genna leh thupukna bawlding a puankhiak ziak a kiphinna neih a om ahi hi. Hiaite banah 1971 a Bangladesh's war of independence hun a mat a omte tung a thubuai genna neih a om ah opposition party khat Jamaat-e-Islami member-te mawhpaih a omthu ah, opposition pawl lungkimlou uhi. Pathianni paisa a hiai thubuai genna neih a om ah Jamaat-e-Islami member nihte 'crimes against humanity' vuahkhum a om in si ding a thutankhum in om uhi. 1971 kidouna ah Pakistani sepaihte leh tualsungmi bangzahhiam kithuahkhawm in mihing million 3 val a thah ban uah numei 200,000 val pawngsual a om hi'n thusuak in taklang hi. (AP)



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