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Written by  Kimbawi’ Pa Published inKimbawi' Pa Tuesday, 15 September 2015 13:50

~By: Kimbawi’ Pa

Ka humble suggestion khat, O. Ibobi, CM leh N. Biren MLS-te’n a thusuah uh, fb a ki-post toh kisai a ka ngaihdan k’on taklang hi. Tua Manipur Assembly in Bill 3 a passed-te ua i lungkimlouhna ziak uh gen a, delete/amendment bawl mai dia mansa a hihdan uh a kigelh hi. Ahihleh tuni tan a ei singtang mite’n i deihlouhna munte uh taklang nai lou maw? Huai i hih kei uleh mihai kitom kibang di ahi. A kinthei bang pen in Zomi-Kuki-Naga intellectualte ana kikum sak meng unla huai point-te kintak in taklang sak un.


Tuni a fb a ka lut leh Pu Phungzathang Tonsing Minister in MDC-te solkal bawlsak a hihlouh ziak ua solkal bawl sak kin dia O. Ibobi a nohna thu ka mu phing hi. A himhim a tuni tan MDC-te’n ministry from lou ua, CM in form sak lou ahihleh bangziak a tuni tan MDC-te dai uh e? Kitawp mai di’n hoih ka sa hi. I haidan uh. Ministry form lou a loh (pay) a muh uleh thutuam.


MLA/Minister i neihte uh lah kitawp mai di bang lou uh. A kitawp kei uh lele poi kei, CM toh kihou a tua Lamka a i misite uh vui theihna di tan bek thu hon genkhe thei le uh a chih huai mahmah hi.


A tawpna di’n, tua mipi thangpaite makaihtu di a om kei leh buai semsem di i bang uh. Hiai Bill 3-te’ ziak a thangpai dia hasuantu heutu kua ahia? Heutu omlou a mipi mawk thangpaih maw? A tokthoutu om ahi. Huaiziak a mipite’ thangpaihna dia tokthou tute’n a makaih tu di a zon uh a ngai hi. Tua JAC a makaite ahi uhia? Hilou? Ka thei kei. Mipi tokthou tute’n mipite a ziak a san a theihsak ua, a lungkimna di tan ua ma a kaih uh a ngai hi. Huai lou a mihai kitom toh hong kibang di ahi.


I palaite uh a kitawp uleh kitawp louh ka buaipih kei, intellectual circle in ma a pan dia, JAC in huai di’n arrangement a bawl dia, a kinthei pen in press release/communique hon suah le uh a hoih di. Huai bang kal ah i palaite un i lusunte uh maban di a na ngaihtuah le uh a hoih lai di.


I have many things to say, but its better to stop. However, if there is no response from the above mentioned parties I am not going to keep silent. If there is any malafide point in this short write-up please do inform me.

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  • Rev.Thangsuanmang Langel
    Rev.Thangsuanmang Langel
    Tuesday, 15 September 2015 15:59

    May God bless you. I am praying for the situation , God is doing wonder,.the tribal unity was born .God is hearing our prayer. Our Minister are Human being, with all weakness. May be blinded by the lust of money or somethings. God will judge them.
    As to your point, I think everyone is doing their best .We can't rush because it need systematic preparation .

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