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The New Agenda: Back to 6th Schedule

Written by  R. Sanga Published inR-Sanga Friday, 10 July 2015 18:40

~ By: R. Sanga



Manipur State sung a mihing teengkhawmte, pau tuam, zaat tuam, sabiak tuam leh pupa ngeina leh tawndan tuam tampi mahmah khawsakhawm hi hangh...! Huchi kawmkaal ah singtang mi/tualsuak mi (Indigenous peoples) ahihke’h ‘Tribals’ in 90% (Manipur geographical area), gam pen Hill Areas huapsung chihdan ahihlai in ataktak a gen in, 75% zong phazounawn lou phial suakta hi. Art. 371C of Indian Constitution nuai ah, Hill Areas Committee Order, 1972 a kigen, “Hill Areas” huapsung ah ADC Constituencies huapsung teng ah Election neih in om zel mahleh, mun bangzah hiam ah State Sorkar in nawngkaisak mahmah mai hi. Panchayati Raj Election neih ahihchiang in Hill Areas huapsung mun bangzah hiam ah State Sorkar in Election neisak thei mawk hi. Hiai pen thil lamdang petmah ahi hi. Act (Daan) tuam vilvel nih (Two Institutions) nih kiphukha asuak maimah hi.  


Tribals mite nam lianzawte sikden a om mai lou a, tribal mite kepbitna diing, Tribal Areas or, gam-leitang humbitna diing leh India Daan Bupi dungzui a India Mal-Suah a Singtang mite hamphatna tuambiik Sixth Schedule ah “Provision” mumaltak in om hi. Imphal Free Press nitengsuak tanchin bu June 30, 2015 Headline & July 1, 2015 Editorial ah 6th Schedule Provision, Manipur Tribal Areas a Extend bawl diing a Central Government lunglut ahihdan hong kigelhte akipan leh ahamphatpih diing Manipur singtang mite ngaihdan bang hi hiam chih lung geel hun takzet asuak hi. Imphal Free Press dated the 1st July, 2015 - Editorial thupatna ah hiai bang in kigelh hi:


The news today that the centre is willing to have the 6th Schedule extended to the hill districts of Manipur quite obviously would become the new agenda in the coming days for Manipur’s issue starved politics.


Phualpi Sorkar in Manipur State Sorkar hon Buitawholh uh chiang in mi tamtak patausak hi ngei diing in uphuai hi. Imphal Free Press, niteng tanchin bu Imphal a kisuah zel pen kingakna taak mahmah Local Daily Newspapers-te lak a khat ahi hi. Editorial thusuah para tawpnapen ah hiai bang in kigelh hi:


History aside, the moot point is, has the 6th Schedule been a success? The answer generally is no, and this will be confirmed by voices from the states where this schedule is in vogue. There is another question, and very relevant to Manipur. Is the 6th Schedule a threat to Manipur’s integrity? The answer again would be no, and again this will be confirmed by voices from these states. Meghalaya is almost entirely covered by three ADCs under the schedule, but this has not meant its disintegration. Mizoram and Tripura offer the same answer. The new proposal for introducing the 6th Schedule in Manipur probably is part of a compromise formula for the Nagas who have been holding peace talks with the Government of India for the last 18 years. This would probably in lieu of Naga sovereignty or integration. If a lasting settlement can be thus brought about with such a concession, it needs to be applauded and accepted (Ref. Imphal Free Press: Editorial, Leader Writer:Pradip Phanjoubam, dated 1st July, 2015).


Imphal phaijang mite lak a thunung-thuma khualthei chiangte ngaihdan pen hiai atung a kigelh thute toh kituak mahmah diing in gintaakhuai hi. Amaute lak a mipil-laisiamte in bel singtang mite hamphatna tuambiik India Daan Bupi ah kiteltak a agelhthoh a om ahihman in amawkna a nelhsiah theihvual ahi kei chih theichian lawtel uh ahihna ah; amaute houpihdan siam le’ng bel pomsiam mahmah diing un lamethuai hi. Hiai 6th Schedule Provisions pen Hill/Tribal Areas of Manipur ah ‘Extended’ in om mahleh, Manipur Territorial Integrity toh kisai lauthawnghuai het lou ahi chih leh phaijang mite leh tribals mite kikaal ah kitanauna hoihzaw seem hong piangkhe diing ahi chihlam a houlimpih diing; Indian Constitution a om Tribal Rights khenkhat buchinsakna lel ahi chihdan in nouneltak in gendan siam le’ng bel pomsiam mahmah diing un uphuai hi.


Tua baan ah, 6th Schedule nuai ah Meghalaya, Mizoram & Tripura states om napi in state territorial integrity toh kisai lauthawnghuai bangmah aom kei chih atung a Editorial ah kichiantak a gelh ahih dungzui in, ei pawl a di’a pansan hoihtak ahi chih phawkkawm a kalsuan zia diing lamlahna meivak a zatsiam di’n ahoih lawtel hi. Adautheipen a gen nilouh diing, athu tuunte pen theichian kilkel a pai khiankhian a mailam nawt hunlaitak ahi. Aziak bel Phualpi Sorkar – Ministry of Home Affairs in, Manipur Chief Secretary ah, Manipur Tribal (Hill) Areas huapsung a 6th Schedule Extend diing lunglut ahihdan, May 7, 2015 ni a agelhthoh a theisak ahihdan Shri. Paojel Chaoba in Imphal Free Press dated 30th June, 2015 ni a thusuah abawlna ah chiantak in taklangh hi. Hiai anuai a bang in laithon ah taklangh ahi chih Shri. Paojel in gelh hi:


The Union government has notified Manipur State government to furnish details of specific areas to be included under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.


The much debated demand for extension of 6th Schedule provision of the Indian constitution to the hill areas of Manipur is in focus at the Centre. According to a letter sent from the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs (North East Division) dated May 7, 2015 under the subject “Extension of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution in the Hill Areas of Manipur,” addressed to the Chief Secretary of Manipur, P C Lawmkungs (Ref. Imphal Free Press: Headline, dated 30th June, 2015).



Sixth Schedule Provision Tribal/Hill Areas of Manipur a Extended Ahihtheihna Diing A Thupukna Kibawl Tengteng:

August 30, 2014 ni a Members of Autonomous District Council (ADCs), Manipur State in Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi khut a Memorandum apiaklutna ah Tribal/Hill Areas of Manipur huapsung a Sixth Schedule Provision Extended ahih diing deihna ziak a Hill Areas Committee leh Manipur Cabinet Meeting Resolutions “Annexture” a akhilkhawmte uh i taklangh diing:


  1. 1.      Hill Areas Committee Chairman, Shri. S. Adani makaihna nuai ah 15.03.1978 ni in Sixth Schedule Provision Tribal/Hill Areas of Manipur ah Extension ahih diing deihna ziak in Members-te in thupukna ana bawl uhi.
  2. 2.      Hill Areas Committee Chairman, Shri. L.S. John makaihna nuai ah Sixth Schedule Extension bawl diing in thupukna omsa pen namkipna di’n Members teng in 08.06.1983 ni in thupukna lanawn leuleu uhi.
  3. 3.      Hill Areas Committee Chairman, Shri. I.D. Dijuanang makaihna nuai ah Sixth Schedule Extension tulel a District Council of Manipur huapsung a zat diing chi in thupukna omsa pen namkipna 18.07.1990 ni in Members teng in thupukna bawlnawn leuleu uhi.
  4. 4.      Shri. R.K. Ranbir Singh, Chief Minister makaina nuai ah Cabinet Meeting Thupukna khat ah Sixth Schedule provision Manipur Hill Areas huapsung ah extend diing chi in 13.05.1991 ni in hiai bang in recommended in om: “…with certain local adjustments and amendments.”
  5. 5.      Shri. R.K. Dorendro, Chief Minister makaihna nuai ah 17.08.1992 ni in hiai bang in Cabinet Meeting Thupukna om leuleu hi: “Resolved to recommend to the Government of India for extension of the Sixth Schedule to the Hill Areas of Manipur.”


Note: Hiai thupukna pen ei pawl a diing a omzenei mahmah ahi. “… with certain local adjustments and amendments” chih thuvual om het lou ahihman in, hiai pen meilet a Sumkuang chiang-keih di ahi pen mai…


  1. 6.      Shri. Radhabinod Koijam, Chief Minister makaihna nuai ah Manipur Hill/Tribal Areas ah Sixth Schedule Provision Extension diing in Manipur Cabinet Ministers in dalna bang mah himhim ka nei kei uh chi in 28.03.2001 ni in Cabinet Meeting in Thupukna athumveina diing bawl in omnawn a, himahleh “… with certain local adjustments and amendments” chih thuvual hon behlap thaknawn leuleu zel uhi.
  2. 7.      Shri. N. Songchinkhup, Hill Areas Committee Chairman makaihna nuai ah “… with certain local adjustments and amendments” thuvual pen thaimang diing a State Cabinet, Government of Manipur ah ngetna laigelh pelut ni chi in 22.04.2002 ni in Thupukna ana bawlnawn leuleu uhi.


Note: Hiai pen toh Shri. R.K. Dorendro, Chief Minister makaihna nuai a 17.08.1992 ni a thupukna omsa toh thu kibang ahihna ah, meilet a Sumkuang chiangkeih diing i chih toh kituak geih, aziak bel Hill Matters khempeuh ah HAC pen Daan dungzui a thuneihna saangtak nei ahihman in pansantheih mah hi lou diing hiam chinuam i hi.


  1. 8.      Phualpi Sorkar ai-oh in Shri. Surendra Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs in 06.08.2002 ni in, D.O. Letter dated 14.03.2002; 17.05.2002 & 20.06.2001ni a Manipur Chief Secretary khut a piaklut a omte bohzuina in Manipur Tribal Areas huapsung a Sixth Schedule Extension diing thu toh kisai laikhak, ana pelut bok hi.
  2. 9.      Shri. L.K. Advani, Deputy Prime Minister of India in 07.04.2003 ni in Shri. Ibobi Singh, Manipur Chief Minister kiang ah D.O. Letter No. 11012/41/2001-NE.IV laikhak a, Sixth Schedule Manipur Tribal Areas a Extension bawlna diing toh kisai a “local adjustments and amendments” thuvual omzia bang hi hiam chih kintak a hilhchian diing in dotna bawl hi.                                            


Sixth Schedule thu toh kisai, “… with local adjustments and amendments” thuvual pen Manipur State Sorkar a thuneitute leh mohpuakna neite kiang ah hiai zahvei dotna bawl a hilhchetna Phualpi Sorkar ah agelhthoh a pelut diing in ngetna bawl in om mahleh, State Sorkar in dawngtuan lou in tunitan Cold Storage ah koihdapta dih lai phot hi. Dawnna piak diing pen thil baihlam liai hi lou adiam? Bangziak ahi diing…!! Singtang mite kithutuah louh ziak leh  ngaihdan kibat louh ziak ahi mai diam? Ahihke’h, Tribal Unity taaksap ziak ahi maimah diam? Hi zenzen lou e, Hill Areas Committee in kituaktak a thupukna abawlte uh ziak in hiai thu toh kisai liauliau ah bel kipumkhatna hoihtak om ahi chih kitel mahmah mai a; Singtang mite kithutuak mahmah hi hangh chih achian hi. Himahleh, theihna leh theihkakna taksap ziak a thuneihna saangtak tawitute leh thahatna anei, State Sorkar in mengmuhna dik lou aneihkhak ziak uh hi ngei diing in uphuai hi. 6th Schedule Provision Manipur Tribal/Hill Areas huapsung ah Extended in omleh bel Territorial Integrity kipsaktuan mahmah diing ahi chih phaijang mite in theisiamle uh bel “… with certain local adjustments and amendments” thuvual pen kintak a hilhchetna piak phet hi lou in lakkhiak a ut pelmoh diing uhi.



The New Agenda:

Athak a ngaihtuah diing in May 7, 2015 ni in Phualpi Sorkar, Ministry of Home Affairs in Manipur Chief Secretary kiang ah kintak a dawnna piak diing chih toh thuah in laikhak Shri. P C Lawmkunga in ngah ahihdan Imphal Free Press, June 30, 2015 Issue, Headline ah Shri. Paojel Chaoba in mipite simtheih diing in thusuah bawl hi. Hiai laikhak dawnna Phualpi Sorkar a piaklut a aom louh ziak in May 27, 2015 ni in, Ministry of Home Affairs in Manipur Chief Secretary kiang ah akintheipen a dawnna pelut diing in “Reminder” khaknawn leuleu hi.  


Thuthak ngaihtuah diing bangdan a, athak a Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi akipan laikhak hong tung zel ahihleh Manipur Territorial Integrity kepbitna diing bang, phaijang mite leh singtang mite kitanauna hoih seem hong omtouh zelna diing leh phaijang & singtang gam neekzonna toh kisai a kiningching zaw deuh leh milip a diing a khantouhna om theita diing ahi chih Phaijang mite in atheihsiam diing ua thilhoih mahmah ahi hi…!! Leader Writer:Pradip Phanjoubam in agendan dungzui in, hiai 6th Schedule Manipur Integrity a diing a lauthawnghuai ahi diam? Adawnna bel ‘No’ – Lauthawnghuai lou, chih hi ngei diing ahi, chi a agen bang in, Phaijang mipi tamzawte kiang ah 6th Schedule Provision amaute a di’a lauthawnghuai hi lou ahihdan leh apilpi a khantouhna diing baan ah Tribals mite Customary laws kepbitna diing lel bangdan a gen a, theihsiamsak thil poimohtak ahita hi.


Phaijang mite lak ah daaltheihna chiteng a hon nangden ut mi bangzah hiam om veve lai uh ahi chih leng chiamteh ahoih diing a, huchibang mite thuzohthei, amaute lak a thunung-thuma khualsiam, mipil leh alaisiamte, State Sorkar a leng thulut mahmah mite kiang ah pilvangtak a hiai 6th Schedule thu toh kisai akip-a-kawi a zaaksak kul-le-poimoh diing in uphuai hi. Pawl khat lel himai lou in, Pawl tuamtuam kipunkhawm in kithukimna omthei henla; Tribal MPs., MLAs., & MDCs teng in zong athu-le-la pen haizaan dimdem thei chiatle uh ahoih in aphatuam mahmah diing hi.   




Phualpi Sorkar in Manipur Chief Secretary kiang a alaikhak, May 7 & 27, 2015 anih in 6th Schedule Area in koiteng huap diing hi hiam chih chiangtak in dong a, dawnna kintak leh kiteltak a pekiik pah diing in gelh hi. Hiai ah, 6th Schedule Provision Extend diing hia/hi lou chih thu hinawn lou hi. Huaiziak in, athu omdan (issue) geih pen geeng mahmah ahihchiang in, pilvangtak a mainawt kisam hi. Konglai a nuakna (agitation) chihdan khawng bawl in hoihlam saang in siatnalam hon tuntheizaw diing abang hi. Bandh hiam, Agitation hiam, General Stike hiam hih noinoi bang hita le’ng, doudaltu hong om ngei diing uh ahihna ah, a thu pen phatuamloupi a hong huaisia (sensitive) maimai thei ahihman in pilvang chiat mahmah le’ng ei a di’n ahoih in aphatuam penpen zaw diing hi. 

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