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Whose fault is it anyway ?

Written by  Suanlyan Tungnung Published inSuanlyan Tungnung Thursday, 08 June 2017 02:10

~By: Suanlyan Tungnung


Due to unpredictable rainfall, I can’t step out of my house that day. Then, I come across an obituary written differently in a facebook group. While other obituaries mentioned the cause of death properly, the one that I read said that “Khaugui-natna”  ( people who committed suicide by hanging themselves) which makes me think of the importance of District Mental Health Program (DMHP) of our district, Churachandpur.


The District Mental Health Program in Churachandpur must have been only in paper until the first meeting was convened on the 6th June, 2008 at the chamber of the Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur. The meeting was chaired by Shri Rupachandra, ADC, Churachandpur on behalf of the then DC. Accordingly, the District Mental Health Committee was formed. Initially, the DMHP started giving training to train professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and Social Workers, Anganwadi Workers and ASHAs etc. in management and dealing with people who have mental health problems. The DMHP planned 5 (five) types of trainings during the year 2011 – 2012.


Inspite of the hard work done by the DMHP, it is distressing to see the data of people who committed suicide during the past 2 years and this year in Churachandpur town and its surrounding villages.























* Till May 31 (Source: The Lamka Post Daily Newspaper and SI SUUNNA facebook group)


Fearing that the District Mental Health Programme (DMHP), Churachandpur is not functional any more and/ or has not received funds, I started looking for anything that I can grasp.  I found that DMHP programme exists in 5 districts in Manipur – Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal, Churachandpur and Chandel [1]. It also said that the state has approved the expansion of DMHP to 4 new districts of the state – Senapati, Tamenglong, Ukhrul and Bishnupur. That means, the District Mental Health Program exists in 9 districts of Manipur.


In the same document, I also come across the approval for:

a)      IEC materials at Rs. 40,000.00 per district for 9 districts.

b)       Awareness generation activities in the community, schools, workplaces with community involvement for 5 districts at Rs. 40,000.00 per district.

c)      Targeted intervention for 9 districts at Rs. 12 lakhs per district.

d)     Purchase of drugs for 9 districts at Rs. 10 lakhs per district.

e)      Purchase of equipments for 9 districts at Rs. 50,000.00 per district.

f)       Operational Expenses for 9 districts at Rs. 10,000.00 per district.

g)      Ambulatory Services for 9 districts at Rs. 2.4 lakhs per district and

h)      Miscellaneous expenses for 9 districts at Rs. 4.5 lakhs per district.


To ensure availability and accessibility of minimum mental health care for all, to encourage mental health knowledge and skills and to promote community participation in mental health service development and to stimulate self-help in the community, National Mental Health Programe (NMHP) was started in 1982. However, the same was introduced in Manipur only in 2000. Since the programme was for a five years period, the same had concluded in 2005 for the state. However, keeping in view of the need for continuation of the programme, the state government re-launched the programme in 2010 in three districts, Imphal East, Imphal West and Thoubal districts, under the aegis of the Manipur Mental Health Authority.


I am wondering if the government is not releasing the approved budgets. Since, DMHP is well equipped with trained professional, I believed, if the funds have been released, DMHP, Churachandpur would have done something to prevent my helpless brothers and sisters to take the extreme step of taking their own life.  Looking at the number of suicides this year, it is the high time for the concern district authority(ies) to start working even harder, especially the District Mental Health Committee and the District Health Society, Churachandpur to make the programme more effective and the people, to help the staff of DMHP carry out their work with the highest efficiency and efficacy.




Suanlyan Tungnung

[1] Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Record of Proceeding 2016-17, NATIONAL HEALTH MISSION 

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  • Kamzalian
    Friday, 09 June 2017 16:32

    Area poimohtak khat ahi. Mihing teng bangtan hiam ah mental illness kinei ciat ahi.

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