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Career in Media Sector

Written by  Published inCareer Guidance Tuesday, 30 July 2013 10:51

~By: Hoihnu Hauzel, Senior Journalist

An Overview of Media Industry


Most exciting and versatile industry

(What makes it exciting and versatile?)

* One of the most influential industries directly connected withthe mass audience


What is media industry?


•First started with the mass distribution of newspapers and magazines. Today, the definition of media has changed and media has many sub forms like Broadcasting with the help of TV and radio, Entertainment with use of audio visuals: films and videos, internet that includes blogs, forums, music, news, then publishing of books, papers, magazines, and other interactive media.


Purpose of media


•Provide information and generate public opinion

•Provide entertainment, education, advocacy among others.

•Thus the scope of a Career in media industry is vast.


Market Watch


•Market analysis and research shows, Indian media industry has projected size of 7.7 billion US$. Moreover, it is estimated to be over 18 billion US$ by 2012.

•The television sector has a 42 % share and print media has 30 % share.

•The Indian entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world giving 1000 films per year. It is the largest output by any media industry in the world.


Media Group in India


•Some of the reputed media companies in India are- Times Group which owns Indiatimes, Filmfare, Planet M, Times of India and many other brands, Adlabs, Zeetelefilms, UTV, Nimbus Communications, Sahara Group, Mukta Arts, Shrinagar Group, News Corporation, Sony, Walt Disney, Sun Network, BMG, Universal, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Manorama etc


Influx of foreign publications in India



Marie Claire



Conde Nast


•Currently the marketing and distribution of facsimile editions of Fortune and Time magazine is done by India Today group.

•On the newspaper front, Mint, a business news paper of Hindustan Times Group, has exclusive partnership with Wall Street Journal.

•Deccan Chronicle Ltd. has ventured with The New York Time Co. to distribute the fax edition of The International Herald Tribune.


Print and electronic media


Print Media: Newspapers, magazines, journals etc. Career option are artists, editors, graphic designers, visualisers, photographers, cartoonists and many more.

•Candidates with exceptional skills in designing, photography and writing along with a good academic background face no difficulty in acquiring a good job in this field.


Electronic Media:

Television and the radio.


Career options: News reader, anchor/television host, presenter, producer, programmer, script writer, videographer, stylists, RJs or radio jockeys, production assistant, broadcasters, editors, animation experts, computer graphic designers, set designers and many more.


Career Opportunities


Due to a boom in India's media industry, the nature of jobs in the sector has been transformed.

Radio jockeys, actors, musicians, dancers, journalists, video technology creators and managers to accounts planning, cameramen, editors, soundmen and public relations managers, this sector offers career opportunities for all.


Career Opportunities in Mass Communications: journalism and editing jobs for television as well as print media.


Career Opportunities in Television, Film and Multimedia: Creating new ideas for stories and concepts to graphics and animation, etc.


Career Opportunities for Writers: Political writers, writers for travel, history, places, food etc. 

Career Opportunities in Other Segments Like Live Entertainment: Event management professionals


Types of jobs


•Job opportunities are available with:

•Film and television production companies, distribution companies,

•Publishing houses,

•Radio channels,

•News channels,

•Event management companies, etc.


Required Trait and Skill


•Creativity and innovative capabilities.

•A combination of skills and traits like confidence and pleasing personality, patience, teamwork and excellent communication skills

•A career in publishing industry, especially editing, requires extraordinary command over language, attention to grammar and an eye for detail.

•Physical stamina for journalists. And work hard to distinguish oneself from the average performer in the industry.


Courses for Print and electronic media


Both at graduation and post graduation level:

1.Indian Institute of Mass Communication
2. A.J.Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre (Jamia Millia Islamia)
3. A J K Mass Communication Centre
4. Manipal Institute of Communication
5. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication 
6. Asian College of Journalism
7. Department of Communication and Journalism
8. New Delhi YMCA, Centre for Mass Media 
9. Amity School Of Journalism and Communication


Filmmaking Institutes


1. The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune
2. National School of Drama, Delhi
3. Imago School of Acting, Delhi
4. Asian Academy of Film & Television, Noida
5. Digital Academy Film School, Mumbai


Courses and Institute


Animation courses: Categorised as 2D Animation Courses and 3D Animation Courses. Duration of the courses ranges from 1 month to 3 years.

1. Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Mumbai
2. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
3. C-DAC's National Multimedia Resource Centre, Pune 
4. Jadavpur University, Kolkata is the only place in India where a postgraduate degree program in multimedia is offered


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